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Top Seven Halloween Costume Ideas for 2011

Halloween is coming up fast! What are you and your kids going to be dressed up as this year? There are lots of great ideas out there, but so as not to overwhelm you, here are the top ten Halloween costume ideas for this year.

Lady Gaga: Who does not know this sensational pop star and what could be easier to dress up as this Halloween? Really, anything goes if you want to pretend to be Lady Gaga. You can find great wigs, sunglasses, clothes and shoes online which will transform you into a pop star immediately. Do not forget some bright makeup and funky hair accessories.

Justin Bieber: Not all boys will be able to pull off a Bieber look alike costume, but for the most serious fans it is possible. You can easily find wigs that are styled like this teen pop star's trendy hairstyle and just put on your most fashionable clothes to turn you into Justin Bieber.

Cheerleaders: Let your little ones cheer for the home team as they troll about the streets collecting their Halloween treats. Get your daughter a cute cheer leading outfit in the team's colors, a set of pom poms, pull her hair up into a high pony tail or pig tails and she's all set.

Athletes: This is a great Halloween costume idea for girls and boys alike since you can tailor it to their favorite sport. If your child already plays a sport, dressing up will be a cinch. Just pull out their regular uniform and take along any accessories that are easy to carry such as a baseball bat or hockey stick. If it's cold where you live, make sure they have a pair of long underwear on underneath since they will not be running around and keeping their body nearly as warm as when they are playing a game.

Super Heroes: Another fun, gender neutral type of costume. Superman, Wonder Woman … boy or girl, there's a costume for your child. You can use their clothes and stuff the arms with balloons to make huge muscles or get a ready made costume online.

Princesses: What girl does not want to be a princess for Halloween at least once in her life? You can transform her into beauty by dressing her in a floor length dress, doing her hair up with ribbons and bows and giving her a special wand.

Zoo Keepers: This is a super simple, super cute idea that your little ones will love, especially if they are animal lovers. Just dress your child in a white shirt and khaki pants or shorts and a baseball cap and then attach a variety of their stuffed animals to their back with safety pins. You may want to attach the animals before dressing your child so you do not accidently poke them. A fun, cheap costume that will have all the kids begging to be zoo keepers next year.

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