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Set Yourself a Goal

There’s an old story about a millionaire who put it about that he was looking for thirty guys to do this dirty, menial, job; but he was prepared to pay very well for it. He got the guys together once they had been selected to give them a bit of a pep talk and to lay out the condition of their employment.

Their pay was to start at one cent per day and would double every day. The job was to dig up a tennis court to a depth of six feet (1.8 metres) and then fill it in again. They were to continue in this fashion until told to stop.

Well, as you can imagine, the putative workers thought about this proposition for a while, realised what a good deal it was, and to a man, they agreed to do the job.

However, after less than a week, some of started grumbling and talking of walking off the job. By the end of the following week 50 % of them had left and those that were left, still only making about $82/day, were seriously jacked off. They just couldn’t see the point,they were thoroughly disillusioned with the job and by the end of the next week they had all gone, despite the fact that if they had stayed the would have been earning over $10,000/day by the end of the third week!

The fact that they could see no appreciable benefit accruing from the job they were doing meant that the crew of men felt the they were pursuing a meaningless task and they felt there was no point to what they were doing. So they quit!


You need to have a GOAL, written down in full display, convey it to your partner, parents, siblings, someone! And not just some wooly premise like “I’d like to make some money” or “I would like to make $5,000!” It needs to be a firm statement with a value and a timestamp “I will make $2,000 a month by the end of the year!” or “This month I will make $5,000!”

Do you see the difference, the first two are easy to get out of, “make some money” could be $10, “I would like to make $5,000” – In what time period? A year, five years, a month?

Whatever else you do set yourself a goal, write it down and pin, glue, staple it somewhere you will see it every day and be reminded what you have committed yourself (no-one forced you to do it!) to do. Don’t set ridiculous goals, “millionaire by next year”, neither set them too low. Set yourself a target which means you will have to stretch yourself to meet it.

The important thing is to set it and set it high!

More soon.

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