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Janitorial Services for Offices Versus Hospitals

We expect that if we do not clean our homes that certain bugs will infest the space and we will not be able to find the things that we need and we would ever no longer want to live there. We expect the places that we visit such as restaurants, office buildings and doctors' offices to have been cleaned and sanitized for our satisfaction. Business for specialty products and services as well as those that cater to community health care all rely on janitorial services to help them adhere to certain cleanliness health regulations in order to keep their employees and clients safe.

Janitorial services are cleaning and sanitation services provided to a place of business. It can occur throughout hours of operations in a hospital or hospice setting where cleaning is required around the clock or it can be provided after or before office hours so that the employees can operate freely without disturbances of vacuums and ammonia aromas. The types of cleaning tasks are the same for both places of business but the specific tasks and expectations of performance are slightly different.

Office spaces use janitorial services to help them keep the dust on desks, books, shelves, and equipment at bay as well as sanitize the kitchenette and bathroom facilities. And they are also asked to properly dispose of recycling or sensitive document removal without compromising sensitive client information. This can also be said for hospital documents that are being treated of, they have to be removed with care as well. But, hospital or hospitice sanitation is needed through not just in the restrooms. Patient beds, equipment, walls, flooring and the ceiling have to be checked and cleaned thoroughly. These facilities often have hazardous substances that have to be disposed of in the proper receptacles and by the proper persons. Janitorial services include day to day waste basket emptying, vacuuming, dusting and bathroom sanitation. Meanwhile occasional drapery cleaning, stain removal and clearing out of old inventory can become a part of the services.

Janitorial services often require some degree of training in order to handle office equipment and medical equipment cleaning with the proper tools. All cleaning solutions and devices do not fix every stain or work on every textile or fabric, so prior knowledge of multiple solutions are required in order to achieve the cleanliness and sanitation the office or medical facility requires in order to stay open for business.

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