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Fertility Tests for Women You Can Choose From

If you think that fertility tests are only intended for women who are in their forties, then you are terribly wrong. In fact, studies of today disclosed that the age bracket of women who take such fertility tests have become lower than expected. If in years past those who were taking fertility tests for women were at least 35 years old, you'll be surprised to find out that there are women seeking fertility tests these days as young as 24 years old.

For some reason, the number of 20-something women applying for reproductive assistance have doubled just in the last couple of years based on the National Survey of Family Growth. Reproductive assistance aims to provide women information about when to have sex, how to do it "effectively", up to what not to eat in order to increase your odds of getting pregnant.

To a few experts, it is absolutely normal for youngger women to feel alarmed and to feel a sudden concern about their reproductive health. Whether you like it or not, age still is the largest determinant of fertility. It does not matter what you do to yourself, ovarian aging will continue slowly down no matter what you do. And this may sometimes be why more and more women nowdays are having a panic attack about their biological clocks.

If you believe that you are in your reproductive peak and that you are prepared to have a baby, there are a variety of fertility tests for women that you can do to evaluate your fertility. Some tests will not even require you to go to the hospital or to the clinic because there are already a wide range of fertility tests for women that you can do yourself at home. However, there are other fertility tests that require to be carried out by a doctor or a fertility specialist.

Here are a few of the fertility tests for women that can be done at home:

• Basal Body Temperature Test or BBT Test

This specific fertility test functions by taking your temperature first thing every day when you woke everyday and before going to bed, every night. The explanation behind this test is the natural rise in the female body temperature when you are ovulating. Keeping track of your body temperature for a few months will provide you with a slight idea of ​​your ovulation trend. BBT thermometers are readily available and you can buy one in any drugstore.

• Ovulation Predictor Test

Just like how a disposable pregnancy test works, you urinate on the ovulation predictor stick in order to measure the level of lutenizing hormone (LH) in your urine. The LH hormone in the female body increases when the woman is ovulating, hence revealing when you're going to ovulate. Many women would like to use the ovulation predictor test since it is much easier and it's more convenient for use.

• FSH Test

The FSH test is a unique type as it evaluates the supply of your eggs. It could tell whether you have high levels of follicle stimulating hormone, a normal sign that a woman is ovulating. This test is also very simple to do, and can be performed during the third day of your cycle using FSH test strips.

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